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Swiss Army Knife Classic SD – The best Keychain Multi-Tool of All Time

I still remember the day I got my first Swiss Army Knife (SAK). It was the Swiss Army Knife Classic, and I bought it from a store for about $10. It was way back in 2008. When I got it out of the package, it looked like a puny tool not good for anything. I also felt it was overpriced. But over the years, it has proved to be the most used every-day carry tool that I have.

Reason? It is always with me, dangling from my keychain. The size is similar to a USB thumb drive, and you will not even feel or notice this in your pocket. But when the need arises, it is there to tackle any light-duty task.

The Swiss Army Knife Classic is one of the most popular knife-based multi-tool made by Victorinox, the maker of the Original Swiss Army Knife. Of course, Victorinox makes an array of SAKs of different sizes, starting from this one, to more beefier ones that are meant for serious tasks. But for every-day carry, nothing beats the SAK Classic. People of all ages (except for kids) and genders can carry this in their pocket or keychain, and not feel uncomfortable.


This is where the tool shines. In such a small package, the tool has a tiny pen blade, a pair of scissors, a nail file, tweezers, and a toothpick.

The pen blade is deceptively sharp for its size. I cut my fingers once when I unknowingly put the SAK in my pocket without closing the knife. I regularly use it to open packages. I have used the scissors on so many occasions, and surprisingly they never failed even once.

SAK Classic

They also work fine for trimming your nails, in case you do not have access to a nail-clipper.

I haven’t used the nail file that much, but the tip of the nail file can be used as a small flat-head screwdriver. I used it once to loosen a few screws of my old computer cabinet. It did work. I haven’t used the tweezers yet for any significant task, but the toothpick, however, gets used a lot.

Now that many of my friends and relatives know I carry a small SAK in my pocket, it gets borrowed from me every now and then, mostly for those awesome pair of scissors. They are sharp and maintain their edge over a long time. Same for the penknife. I can vouch for this as I never felt the need to sharpen them yet. They are as sharp as new.

Of course, this is not something you want to use to fix your car or your bike, or for your do-it-yourself home carpentry. You will need bigger multi-tools or preferably dedicated tools for that kind of task. If I am aware beforehand that I will be required to do some heavy-duty tasks like that, I will probably carry something more substantial, rather than depend on my keychain multi-tool.  But considering the size of this SAK, and how easy it is to carry, if you just use it for the tasks it is meant for, you will be surprised how well it performs.

This SAK has two variants, one is called the Classic, and the other Classic SD. The Classic has a nail cleaner tip on the nail file, and the Classic SD has a flat-head screwdriver tip. I got the SD variant as I always find having a small screwdriver with me helpful in many situations.

Built Quality, Looks, Fit and Finish

Swiss Army Knives are so famous nowadays that most people recognize them by their looks. Red is the most common color, they are also available in a variety of other colors and designs. 

The fit and finish is top class. Swiss quality is well known all over the world. And Victorinox has been able to maintain the same quality in all of their products over generations. All the tools are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are very shiny and never rust. You will not find a better-made product of the same size and functionality as a Victorinox SAK.

Perfect Little Multi-tool for Women

The SAK Classic is probably one of those little nifty tools that a woman probably won’t mind keeping in her purse. It looks good, the tools are functional, and the Victorinox brand also has a great reputation. The tools like scissors and tweezers can be very useful even for the lady of the house. I have recently gifted a SAK Classic to my wife and she was happy with it. I see her using it every now and then. 

I do not assume women are very interested in pocket knives and multi-tools, except those who enjoy outdoor sports a lot or their job demands that they use a multi-tool of some sort. But this specific SAK model from Victorinox could be an exception.

Who knows, maybe even Victorinox thinks so? You will find SAK Classic with scales in colors other than red, and also in different designer patterns. Other SAK models are also found with different color scales, but not in as many varieties as you can find for the SAK Classic.

SAK Classic

It appears as if Victorinox is just trying to make this particular model more appealing in their appearance. They just look just perfect to be gifted to someone you love and care about.

Can You Carry it in Flights?

One thing to keep in mind is that SAKs are not allowed to be carried along with you in the cabin during air travel. Yes, it does not matter how small it is, even if as small as the SAK Classic. I got my first SAK confiscated during the airport security check. It was, of course, my fault, as I should have remembered to take it off my keychain and put in my check-in baggage. However, I had completely forgotten that I had it with me.

I had fallen in love with it so much that I ordered a new one immediately after reaching home. 

However, If you really want to carry your keychain multi-tool with you even in flights, then look for something that does not have a knife or any sharp edge.

Since this tool is so small, you may unknowingly carry it in places where it is not allowed. Apart from flights, some tourist places of high interest also do not allow carrying sharp objects which can pose danger to other people. I realized this while visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I was stopped at the security check when they saw the SAK Classic among the various keys in the keychain. The security personnel took my keychain with the SAK attached to it and asked me what it was, though I knew that he was already aware, as SAKs are very common in Europe.

At that point, I was almost sure that I was going to lose my SAK. However, I was ok with it, after all, the SAK Classic cost around Rs.900 at that time, and the ticket to the top of Eiffel Tower was almost Rs.2000 (25 Euros).

SAK Classic

However, the security personnel somewhat jokingly asked me ‘You won’t kill anybody with it, will you?’. I smiled and said no I won’t.

He smiled back to me, said something in French to his colleague standing nearby, and gave me back the keychain with the SAK Classic attached to it. I was happy to get it back, relieved that I won’t have to buy it again.

Final Thoughts

The SAK Classic is one of the best small EDC tools that you can have in your pocket or attach to your keychain. You will only discover how useful it is when you start carrying one with you. In urban life, it will get the job done for most of the time. Now that I have been carrying and using the SAK Classic for more than 10 years, I can gladly say that it has been one of my best investments. No matter whether I carry any other tool or not, my SAK Classic is always with me wherever I go.

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