Size Meets Sensibility: Large But Practical Swiss Army Knives

Updated December 5, 2023

Large But Practical Swiss Army Knives

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In the universe of multitools, Swiss Army knives are something of a gold standard. Walk into any outdoor supplies store and you’re likely to see a wall dedicated to these compact marvels, their gleaming tools folded away in bright red casing.

However, if you’ve ever chanced upon the massive Wenger Giant or the Victorinox XAVT and XXL models, you might have found yourself awestruck but also questioning their practicality. Being an enthusiast, I understand that what most of us seek is a tool that doesn’t just multitask, but one that also slips quietly into a pocket. 

That’s where large but practical Swiss Army Knives make their mark. 

What Large Swiss Army Knives deliver

What Large Swiss Army Knives deliver

Here are the direct and precise reasons why large Swiss Army Knives hold significant importance and utility:

  • Remarkable Versatility: Large Swiss Army Knives offer a wider array of tools than their smaller counterparts, effectively making them a one-stop solution for many tasks. From conventional tools like blades to unique inclusions like magnifying lenses, these Swiss marvels cover the ground.
  • Combining Size with Portability: A unique aspect of large Swiss Army Knives is their ability to pack in a plethora of tools while still maintaining pocketable dimensions.
  • Extended Durability: Large Swiss Army Knives are built to withstand rigorous use, making them ideal companions for heavy-duty tasks in everyday life or outdoor adventures.
  • Bridging the Gap: These multitools strike the sweet spot between compact yet insufficient everyday carry (EDC) tools and the overabundantly featured yet less practical flagships.
  • Ready for the Unplanned: having a large Swiss Army Knife ensures you’re prepared. Be it an impulsive camping trip or sudden DIY home repair tasks, your large Swiss Army Knife has got you covered.

During my more than two decades of using various models of Swiss Army Knives, I have come across a few large models that I like. In this post, I delve into my top 3 picks of large practical Swiss Army knives, ones that pack a punch without punching a hole in your pocket’s comfort. 

By the end of this post, you should have a clear understanding of what these Swiss army multitaskers bring, and who knows, you might just find the versatile companion you’ve been looking for!

Victorinox Swiss Champ

The Swiss Champ is by far the most popular of all the big Swiss Army Knives that people use. In case you are curious about the name, yes, it is the little brother of the Swiss Champ XAVT. 

Read this complete hands-on review to know more about the Victorinox Swiss Champ.

Top Pick
Victorinox Swiss Champ 500x500
Victorinox Swiss Champ
The most popular ‘large’ Swiss Army Knife offered by Victorinox
Reasons to Consider the Swiss Champ
  • Compact size with multiple functions.
  • Durable with excellent build quality, typical of Victorinox.
  • Versatile selection of tools for a wide variety of situations.
  • Reasonable Price.

Unique Aspect: The Swiss Champ offers a magnifying lens, which is not a common feature in many Swiss Army knives.

In the 91mm series of SAKs, the Swiss Champ is the model you should go for. It remarkably balances size and functionality, earning it a spot on our list. Rest assured, you won’t miss the tools of any other 91mm model if you have the Swiss Champ in your pocket ????

The Swiss Champ is pretty easily available on Amazon and is also quite affordable.

Victorinox Evolution S54 Grip

The Evolution S54 Grip is the only model with a lot of layers and tools that have a Wenger design.

This is one of the many models from the Victorinox Delemont Collection, the series of SAKs that follow Wenger’s design ethos.

Top Pick
Victorinox Evolution S54 Grip
Victorinox Evolution S54 Grip
The alternative to the Swiss Champ in Wenger’s design
Reasons to Consider the Evolution S54
  • Houses a unique set of over 30 tools but still maintains compactness.
  • The curved handle and ergonomic grip with a locking blade.
  • Wenger’s design.

Unique Aspect: The Evolution S54 Grip has a compass.

What particularly impressed me was how the Evolution S54 Grip didn’t let its size compromise the vast assortment of tools it housed. Remember, it’s an 85mm model, so smaller (in length) than the Swiss Champ which is 91mm.

Every time I thought I had discovered all the tools, it would surprise me with yet another practical implement. It felt equally comfortable while working on an intricate circuit board as it was while setting up a camping site.

However, the availability of the Evolution S54 Grip model is a bit scarce (check on Amazon), and the price is a lot higher than the Swiss Champ.

Note: there is another variant without the rubbery scales, called the Evolution S54 (check on Amazon here).

Victorinox Work Champ

If you want a Swiss Army Knife with a lot of tools, that is also comfortable to use, and above all, gets the job done faster and more efficiently than any other big SAK, look no further than the Victorinox Work Champ.

Top Pick
Victorinox Work Champ 500x500
Victorinox Work Champ
The most full-featured 111mm Swiss Army Knife
Reasons to Consider the Work Champ
  • Houses robust tools like a large locking blade and metal saw, perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Maintains portability despite its body housing a large set of tools.

Unique Aspect: Only 111mm SAK that has so many tools*

A heavy-duty asset from the 111mm series, the Work Champ holds a special place on this list due to its exceptional utility in strenuous situations.

It is the only SAK that is big, has a lot of tools, and is also efficient at the same time. It doesn’t have as many tools as the Swiss Champ or the Evolution S54, but it probably has all the tools that you will actually need. 


Its big brother the Work Champ XL has even more tools. But in my opinion, its heft and weight make it quite uncomfortable for pocket carry. You may check it on Amazon here.

I got the Victorinox Work Champ pretty cheap from this Amazon listing. In case you want to know more about it, I have written an in-depth article about my experiences working with the Victorinox Work Champ.

Which One of the 3 is Ideal for You?

In the quest for the perfect large but practical Swiss Army Knife, it boils down to finding the one that aligns with your unique character and lifestyle needs. Let’s break down the suitability of our select models for different personality types.

SAK modelPersonality Type
Victorinox Swiss ChampAre you someone who likes to be prepared for all of life’s little hiccups? Maybe you’re the go-to person in your friends and family, someone always ready with a solution. Complementing that do-it-all personality, this knife ensures you have a tool for everything, from snipping a stray thread to slicing an apple or tightening a loose screw.
Victorinox Evolution S54Want something different than the all-too-common Swiss Champ, a bit more compact, a bit more ergonomic, and with a touch of Wenger’s design? The Evolution S54 is the best multifunctional SAK available today that caters to those needs.
Victorinox Work ChampIf creating, fixing, and working with your hands is what defines you, the Victorinox Work Champ is your perfect tool partner. It is more robust than the Swiss champ or the Evolution S54, a perfect companion for craftsmen, mechanics, DIYers, or just avid problem solvers who like things to work their way.

That’s the beauty of Swiss Army knives – there is one for everyone. Be it the everyday hero, the passionate outdoorsman, or the resilient doer, you’ll find a Swiss Army knife that feels almost custom-built for your personality. By gauging the one that suits your character and lifestyle needs, you ensure a companion that stands by you, just when you need it.

In my view, these are the only 3 large Swiss Army Knives that are suitable for everyday carry. These models strike a balance, being large yet pocketable. Their smart design ensures uncompromised portability, truly embodying the spirit of multi-tools.

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