Knifeless Swiss Army Knife: The ‘Bladeless’ Victorinox

Updated March 24, 2024

Knifeless Swiss Army Knife

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Imagine having a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) but without the knife! 

Sounds strange, right? 

But it’s a real thing, and it’s super handy! The knifeless SAKs by Victorinox are designed for those who want the versatility of this iconic tool minus the blade. 

Why would anyone want a Swiss Army Knife without its most famous feature? Well, there are plenty of reasons! 

For starters, it opens up the possibility of carrying it in places where knives are a big no-no. Plus, it still packs a punch with other useful tools.

The Demand For Knifeless Swiss Army Knife

So, you might be thinking, “Why would I ditch the blade?”

Legal and workplace restrictions are the overwhelming reasons which make carrying a knife a no-go. 

Have you ever been stopped at airport security because of a tool in your pocket? It’s frustrating, right? 

I think that’s where the knifeless Swiss Army Knife comes in. People love these gadgets because they can breeze through security checks without a hitch. 

Personal preference in going knifeless plays a big role too. Maybe you’re not keen on the idea of carrying a knife around, or perhaps you have curious kids at home.

This convenience has spiked their popularity among travelers, gadget lovers, and anyone looking for a handy multi-tool without the complications a blade can bring.


A knifeless option gives you peace of mind without sacrificing functionality. And let’s not forget those moments when a knifeless tool comes in handy – think of all the times you needed a screwdriver or a bottle opener and not a blade.

Ultimately, going knifeless is about finding balance. It’s about having the tools you need while respecting the rules and situations you find yourself in.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to have a gadget that’s both practical and conversation-starting, don’t you think?

Knifeless Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox, the iconic brand behind the Swiss Army Knife, offers a few knifeless models that pack a punch. 

These tools are designed with versatility and functionality in mind, ensuring you’re prepared for a multitude of tasks without needing a blade. 

Each knifeless Victorinox SAK is crafted with the same quality and attention to detail as their bladed versions. They’re durable, reliable, and ready to tackle a wide range of tasks.

Victorinox JetSetter

This knifeless SAK is a nifty little gadget that packs a punch with tools like a bottle opener, screwdriver, and scissors. Who said you needed a blade to be the life of the party?

Now, you might be wondering, “But what if I need to cut something?”

The JetSetter’s got you covered with a pair of scissors. Yes, they might not carve a turkey, but they’re perfect for snipping open packages or trimming loose threads. It’s like having a mini toolbox in your pocket, minus the bulk.

Victorinox JetSetter
Victorinox JetSetter |Image source: Victorinox
JetSetter – Functions
  • Bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver 0/1 (magnetic)
  • Wire stripper
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick

The beauty of the JetSetter lies in its simplicity and utility. 

The Victorinox JetSetter is available in this Amazon listing.

It’s the Swiss Army Knife you can take anywhere, even through airport security, making it a traveler’s best friend. Plus, its compact size means it fits comfortably in your pocket or on your keychain, so it’s always there when you need it.

Lastly, let’s talk about making a statement.

The JetSetter isn’t just about function; it’s about style too. With its sleek design and the iconic Victorinox logo, it’s a conversation starter.

Whether you’re gifting it to a friend or treating yourself, the JetSetter is more than a tool; it’s a companion for all life’s adventures.

Victorinox JetSetter@Work Alox

Imagine the JetSetter but with a tech twist. That’s the Victorinox JetSetter@Work Alox for you. 

Not only does it come with the handy tools you’ve come to love, like a bottle opener and scissors, but it also includes a USB flash drive. Now, how cool is that? 

In today’s digital age, having your files with you wherever you go is a game-changer.

The @Work model also steps it up in durability and style with its Alox scales. 

Victorinox Jetsetter@work Alox
Victorinox JetSetter@Work Alox |Image source: Victorinox
JetSetter @Work Alox – Functions
  • USB stick 32 GB
  • Bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver 0/1 (magnetic)
  • Wire stripper
  • Scissors

The only drawback compared to the JetSetter? It loses the tweezers and the toothpick! But that is the same with all SAKs with Alox scales.

The Alox scales give this knifeless Swiss Army Knife an extra layer of resilience against wear and tear, not to mention a sleek, modern look that stands out. It’s not just a tool; it’s a fashion statement. Check out the price on Amazon in this listing.

With up to 32GB of storage, the built-in USB flash drive turns the JetSetter@Work Alox into a mobile office.

Need to share a presentation or save vacation photos on the go? No problem. This gadget combines practicality with convenience, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Swiss Card Nailcare

Granted, this is not a SAK as such, but it has all the same tools as a traditional keychain SAK, minus the blade.

The only difference?

The Swiss Card comes in a different form factor, ideal to be put in your purse or wallet.

Swiss Card Nailcare
Swiss Card Nailcare |Image source: Victorinox
Swiss Card Nailcare – Functions
  • Screwdriver 3/5 mm
  • Scissors
  • Glass Nail File
  • Philips Screwdriver 1/2
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Ruler (cm/inch)
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Pressurized Ballpoint Pen

It is made by Victorinox, and all the tools are made of the same stainless steel variant that Swiss Army Knives are known for. The body is made from ABS plastic. The overall design is as durable as it can be in such a thin profile.

While Victorinox makes other variants of the Swiss Card too, the Nailcare is the only model that doesn’t include a blade.

Do You Know?

This SwissCard Nailcare won the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2015.

It replaces the blade with what they call a ‘Resistant glass nailfile’, making this a nifty knifeless tool.

The design of the credit card-sized SwissCard is a significant departure from a traditional Swiss Army Knife. Interestingly, Victorinox was thoughtful enough to include a bladeless version.

I got the Swiss Card from this Amazon listing, and carry it occasionally in my wallet.

Read more about this Swiss Army Knife Credit Card tool here.

Who Uses Knifeless SAKs?

Who’s in the club of knifeless Swiss Army Knife users? 

Urban dwellers navigating city life, where knife regulations can be strict, find these tools perfect for their pocket or purse. 

Whether you’re attending a private event, or even visiting a multiplex, a knife can get you into trouble. I have personally met many who have ditched their normal SAK to go for a bladeless one.

Then there are the travelers, who never have to worry about their multi-tool being confiscated by airport security. 

I lost two keychain SAKs to airport security personnel. On both occasions, I had completely forgotten to remove the tool from my keychain.

I still remember how helpless I felt and hoped my tiny SAK didn’t have a blade!

Professionals in various industries also lean towards a knifeless SAK. Many offices and job sites have strict no-knife policies, but hey, you still might need to tighten a screw or open a package.

Imagine being in IT and needing to open up a computer case or tighten a loose screw without the risk of carrying a blade on corporate premises. 

Teachers, too, can benefit from having a toolset at hand without worrying about school policies.

Outdoor enthusiasts haven’t been left out either. While they might carry a separate knife for heavy-duty tasks, a knifeless SAK is great for all the other little jobs without the weight or the worry. 

And let’s not forget parents, who can keep a handy tool around the house or in the car, stress-free from the prying hands of the curious little ones.

TSA Compliance and Travel Ease

One of the biggest perks of going knifeless? Breezing through TSA checks. 

Yes, the Transportation Security Administration has strict rules about what you can carry on a plane. 

A knifeless Swiss Army Knife meets those requirements, making your airport experience smoother and less stressful. You would love the convenience of not having to check in a bag just because of a tool. 

Meet Sarah, a globe-trotter who swears by her bladeless SAK. “I’ve traveled to over 30 countries with it,” she shares. “From fixing a loose screw on my sunglasses in Greece to cutting a thread on my backpack in Peru, it’s been a lifesaver. And I’ve never had issues at airport security!” Her story highlights the travel-friendly nature of a bladeless SAK.

It’s a game-changer for those who prefer to travel light with just carry-on luggage. Plus, it’s always handy to have your multi-tool with you, whether you need to fix a loose screw on your suitcase or simply open a bottle.

The peace of mind that comes with TSA compliance cannot be overstated. Knowing that you won’t have your beloved multi-tool confiscated or cause delays in security lines makes the knifeless SAK very convenient for any traveler

Safety and Practicality

Safety first, right? A knifeless Swiss Army Knife takes this motto to heart. 

Without a blade, it’s a safer option around kids and in environments where knives are frowned upon. It reduces the risk of accidents while still providing a suite of useful tools for everyday tasks.

Mike, a dad who loves camping with his kids, explains “I needed something safe yet functional for our outdoor adventures. Removing the blade made me feel more comfortable giving it to my kids to use.” Mike’s story illustrates the safety and practicality of a bladeless SAK in family settings.

But don’t think for a second that practicality is compromised!


These gadgets are designed to be as functional and versatile as their bladed counterparts. From tightening screws, cutting through tape with scissors, to popping open a bottle, the knifeless version covers a wide range of needs. 

It’s a smart choice for those who prioritize both safety and utility.

The Story Behind the Victorinox ‘Bladeless’ SAK

Ever wondered why someone would create a Swiss Army Knife without a blade? It all started with travelers’ needs in mind. 

Victorinox realized that while the traditional Swiss Army Knife is incredibly useful, its blade often made it unsuitable for carry-on luggage during flights. 

The solution? A knifeless version that retains the versatility without the blade. And Victorinox aptly named this model ‘Bladeless’.

Victorinox Bladeless
Victorinox Bladeless with ‘Boeing’ logo | Image source: Sakwiki
Key Features That Made The ”Bladeless’ Shine
  • Scissors: For those little snips on the go, because you always need scissors at the most random times, right?
  • ComboTool: Acts as a cap lifter, and flathead screwdriver, and even has a wire stripper notch. Multipurpose at its finest.
  • Keyring: Because losing it is not an option.

Plus, You Get Nifty Scale Tools:

  • Removable Pen: You never know when you’ll need to jot down a note or give someone your autograph, perhaps?
  • Tweezers: splinters beware.

Scales Variations and Colors

Who doesn’t love a bit of customization? 

The Bladeless comes with that classic, sleek red Cellidor scales. Sometimes, it’s also seen sporting exclusive branding, like the transparent emerald scales with Boeing branding. 

A Touch of History

Originally, this Bladeless wonder was designed keeping places with strict blade restrictions in mind. 

Initially, the included combo tool rocked a flathead screwdriver tip, but as time went by, a Phillips screwdriver tip joined the party, and let’s not forget about that handy wire stripper notch.

 It’s like Victorinox was on a mission to ensure you wouldn’t miss the blade.


In the post-9/11 world, even the tiniest of blades could get you into trouble at airport security. 

Victorinox lost a lot of market share in the pocket knife industry because of this one incident. A large part of the sale of Swiss Army knives was dependent on the duty-free airport shops.

 In fact, Wenger, the only other manufacturer of the Swiss Army Knife apart from Victorinox, went bankrupt because of it.

Developing a knifeless model that would circumvent these restrictions at airports is one of the many steps that Victorinox took to handle this situation.

Enter the Bladeless Swiss Army Knife, providing you with tools that can come in handy in countless everyday situations, minus the hassle at checkpoints. 

This innovation was a game-changer. Suddenly, people could carry their handy tools without worrying about airport security.

The Bladeless model is discontinued now, with the JetSetter and the JetSetter@Work Alox replacing it as the modern iterations of the original design.


The story of the bladeless Swiss Army Knife is a reminder of how innovation can arise from limitations. By reimagining what a Swiss Army Knife could be, Victorinox created a tool that’s not only practical and safe but also a symbol of how creativity can flourish within constraints, making our lives a little easier and a lot more interesting.

Modding a SAK to Make It Bladeless

Ever wondered how to tweak your Swiss Army Knife to make it bladeless?

Modding a Swiss Army Knife to remove its blades and add other tools instead is quite the adventure. 

The best thing about modding is that you can do that with your 91mm medium-sized SAKs. No more limiting yourself to only 58mm keychain SAKs when going bladeless!

First, you’ll need to carefully disassemble your SAK, keeping all those tiny springs and screws safe. Then, decide which tools you want to keep and which blade or blades you’re going to remove. 

It’s like customizing your own toolkit – only cooler because it’s compact!

Next, it’s time to choose replacements for the removed blades. How about a file, a pair of tweezers, or even a toothpick? The sky’s the limit here.

The goal is to make your SAK as useful as possible while keeping it bladeless. It’s a fun project that not only enhances your tool’s utility but also boosts your DIY skills.

A Word Of Caution

Modding is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a certain amount of DIY skills and a set of tools to dismantle the SAK, and then to put everything back together. 

I have explained how the scales of a SAK can be removed and replaced easily. But why stop at just removing blades? 

Whether it’s installing scales with built-in USB drives or ones that glow in the dark, modding your SAK can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.


Before you dive into modding, though, remember to check the legality of the modifications you’re planning. Not all changes might be legal in your area, and the last thing you want is for your handy tool to get you in trouble. Happy modding!

Common Concerns Of a Knifeless SAK

I hear you asking, “But isn’t a Swiss Army Knife without a blade just a fancy keychain?” 

Many folks worry that taking the knife out of a Swiss Army Knife kinda defeats the purpose. 

But let’s clear that up! A bladeless SAK still packs a punch with its array of tools, making it a versatile companion for everyday challenges.

Another concern is about the tool’s practicality. “Will I miss the blade?” you might wonder.

 While it’s true that the blade is a key feature, the variety of other tools available – like scissors, files, and screwdrivers – ensures your bladeless SAK remains highly useful. Plus, you can carry it in places where a knife might not be welcome.

Some skeptics also question the ease of modding. “Isn’t it too complicated?” 

Well, it is not as easy as changing just the scales of a SAK. Modding to remove the blades requires more effort and know-how.

But With a bit of patience and the right tools, anyone can modify their SAK. There are plenty of guides and communities online ready to help newcomers. It’s a project that’s as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

What about durability? “Will removing the blade weaken my SAK?” 

Actually, no. The integrity of your Swiss Army Knife remains intact after modding. The tools are designed to be interchangeable, so your knife will be as sturdy as ever, ready for whatever task you throw at it.

Lastly, there’s the concern of value. “Does going bladeless reduce its worth?” 

On the contrary, a customized, bladeless SAK can be even more valuable to you, tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

Emma, a DIY enthusiast, found her bladeless SAK to be an unexpected boon. “I initially doubted its usefulness,” she admits. “But it turned out to be incredibly handy for my crafts and home projects. It’s amazing how often I reach for it.”

Emma’s experience speaks to the versatility and utility of the tool, even without a blade.

Restrictions and Guidelines

Remember, while a bladeless Swiss Army Knife is generally TSA-compliant, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with any changes in regulations.

Always check the latest TSA guidelines and the rules of any other countries you plan to visit. This small step can save you a lot of hassle and ensure your travels with your bladeless SAK are smooth sailing.

Concluding Thoughts: Embracing the Knifeless Revolution

The bladeless revolution is about recognizing that sometimes, less is more. It’s about not sacrificing usefulness for the sake of adhering to outdated notions of what a multipurpose tool should be.

Imagine strolling through airport security with confidence, knowing your trusty Swiss Army companion won’t cause any delays. Picture yourself at a picnic, seamlessly opening packages and bottles without rummaging around for a separate tool. 

This is the freedom that the knifeless Swiss Army Knife offers. It’s about having what you need, when you need it, without the extra baggage.

So, why not give it a shot? Consider how it can fit into your life, your travels, and your daily routines. It might just surprise you how much you’ll appreciate the convenience it brings to your life. 

Sometimes, you can indeed have your cake and eat it too, even if you have to open the packaging without a knife 😉 !

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