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BlitzWolf BW-BS3 Review: Versatile Selfie Stick for EDC

The market is flooded with selfie sticks of all shapes, sizes, and features, but once in a while, there comes something which differentiates itself from the competition. The Blitzwolf BW-BS3 Selfie Stick is one such thing. When paired with your smartphone, it can actually make a difference to the quality of your photos, and influence how you click photos and videos in general.

The Blitzwolf BW-BS3  is a versatile Selfie Stick which in addition to being a selfie stick, can be used as a tripod and also as a device to click photos remotely with its Bluetooth controller. Along with its sturdy build quality and premium looks, it can also be folded into a very compact form that can be easily carried around in your pocket.

So does it have everything you expect from a selfie stick? Probably yes, depending on what your expectations are, and how you plan to use your selfie stick. I have been using this one for the last three months, and there are a few things that I have seen in this selfie stick which you may find interesting.

A Premium Selfie Stick

First of all, let me tell you that I was not a big fan of the whole idea of using a selfie stick with a smartphone. I prefer traveling light, and a selfie stick just felt like an extra piece of luggage to carry. We can pretty well manage with our hands what a selfie stick can do. They are not just worth the hype.

Have you ever felt like holding a car antenna in your hands, always worrying about whether the antenna will break from the weight of the phone attached at the top? That is how I felt every time using a selfie stick. Try using a cheap selfie stick while riding a boat in a river, or extending your selfie stick outside the window while traveling by bus or a train. This kind of situation always increases my blood pressure. Who knew mobile photography can be so stressful?

But this Blitzwolf model feels so different from the other selfie sticks I have used. It has surprising good built quality. The Aluminium shaft which extends to about two feet feels premium and does not bend backwards when the smartphone is attached to it. The plastic body feels sturdy as well and has a black matte finish which does not retain any fingerprints. In short, it does not look or feel cheap, when you hold it or from whatever angle you look at it.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

It can do whatever a normal selfie stick can do, just better. The phone holder is pretty well built, with rubber grips to hold the phone tightly. The holder can also rotate 360 degrees giving you the flexibility of getting those angles correctly while adjusting the phone. In addition, the module which attaches the phone holder to the Aluminium shaft can also rotate 360 degrees in its own axis.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

I tried moving the stick vigorously from left to right and upward to downward, with the pole fully extended and the smartphone attached. It does not feel awkward. The holder holds the phone pretty firm without the risk of it falling off.

The Aluminium shaft folds pretty neatly into the handle. In the folded form, the device is very compact and can be easily carried around in your jeans pocket, or in your EDC pouch or bag.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

The Tripod Functionality

What sets the Blitzwolf BW-BS3 apart from normal selfie sticks is how it can be used as a tripod. This one feature significantly expands the applications of this device.

The broad cylindrical plastic handle of the selfie stick at the bottom can be divided into three parts, each of which can be opened up to form each leg of the tripod.

The design is so simple yet innovative. The tips of the plastic legs are rubberized to have a firm grip on the surface where it is placed. 

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

When you close the legs, they snap into position with a click sound with such ease that you almost feel as if the legs are magnetic, while actually they are not. This says a lot about the design and workmanship of the device.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

I was a bit skeptical at first about the strength of those plastic legs, but after using it a few times to click photos as well as some videos, I can safely say that the design works. If you always carry a small tripod with you for those special situations, this can surely do the job. Is it strong enough to hold a DSLR?  I don’t think so and I will never even try to do that. It was surely not designed for heavier devices. But for smartphones, action cameras or point-and-shoot digital cameras, this is just perfect.

In case you are thinking about how you would attach a camera to this selfie stick, Blitzwolf has taken care of that. The product comes with a separate holder with a screw mount which is just perfect for any small camera you can think of. You can just detach the smartphone holder and attach the camera screw mount to it, and the tripod is ready for your camera to be attached to it.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

While traveling, I usually carry a small Gorillapod tripod with me. The Blitzwolf selfie stick in its tripod mode is of course not as versatile as a dedicated tripod, especially like the Gorillapod.

But it can surely replace any small tripod when your expectations are not very high.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Remote Controller

I never liked Bluetooth selfie sticks for the sole reason that I usually forget to charge them, and the battery would run out when I need to use the selfie stick. Wired selfie sticks are so much better as they don’t need any maintenance.  But Bluetooth selfie sticks have become so common nowadays that all premium selfie sticks have a Bluetooth compatible button. 

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick

The Blitzwolf BW-BS3  is no exception. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 and has a 65 mAh battery inside it. The battery is rechargeable through a micro-USB port. The company claims that it can shoot 50K selfies per charge. The controller can be paired with your smartphone by long-pressing the button. Once successfully paired, a short single press will click photos and videos.

This is how almost every Bluetooth selfie sticks work. But this one goes a step further by making the Bluetooth controller detachable.

The whole controller with the small button can be detached from the handle of the selfie stick and used as a remote from a distance to click photos and videos.

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Detachable Bluetooth Controller

In fact, it is so small that nobody will even notice it hidden in your palm.

This feature, along with the tripod capability opens up so many possibilities for this selfie stick. Group photos are so much easier with a tripod. But now you do not have to use the self-timer and run back to take your position in the photo frame. You now control the camera click with the remote in your hand. 

Have you ever felt the need to stabilize your phone or camera to shoot that perfect photo or video, more so in low light when the slightest movement can ruin the final result? With this arrangement of a tripod with a remote controller, you need not worry. Want to capture time-lapse photos or videos, or maybe slow-motion videos? this selfie stick got you covered.

In fact, you can think of any situation where merely holding the smartphone in your hands and clicking a photo may not give you the best result,  and you may need a little more. This selfie stick provides you just that, a little bit more flexibility in shooting to make you a better photographer.

Why You May Need a Selfie Stick

Some people (including me) are very critical about the usefulness of selfie sticks. It practically does nothing other than making us feel we have a very long arm which can be used to take our own pictures. But what if the selfie stick can also double as a tripod, and has a  remote controller that can be used to capture photos? I guess, then it is not just a selfie stick anymore but much more than that.

I may not carry it every day with me, but if I am traveling or visiting new places where I will be taking photos and videos with my smartphone or camera, I will definitely like to have a selfie stick like this with me. This is one selfie stick that gives as much importance to the rear camera as the selfie (front) camera, and that is what makes it such a useful device to carry along with you. 

And if you also happen to use an action camera or a P&S camera, then this stick becomes even more useful. A tripod makes it so easy waiting for that perfect moment to capture that perfect photo or video. If you are shooting photos or videos of a child or a pet, then you already know how important it is to stay still with your camera and wait for that golden moment. 

Final Thoughts

The Blitzwolf BW-BS3 is one of the best premium selfie sticks in the market. The company does make a wide range of selfie sticks, and almost all of them can be used as a tripod, with some having more advanced features than this one. But this model is probably the best value for money among all. It has all the features that make it a practically useful device to have, both for selfie lovers, as well as for others who are not interested in selfies that much, but love to be creative with their smartphones.

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