About Me

About Me


  My name is Deb. I am the creator of gearpersonal.com, a blog where I write about my experiences with multi-tools, bags, and accessories, and any type of EDC gears that I personally use. This site is all about personal gears that make our life easier.

I am passionate about all types of personal gears that we use to make us more efficient and capable.

My passion for personal tools and gears started when I was a kid and somebody gifted me a multi-tool. It was a China-made cheap imitation of a Swiss Army Knife.

It was good for nothing actually, as all the tools in it were blunt and were there just for the show without any practical applicability. But I carried it in my pocket for more than two years and always lusted for one of those real things, an original Swiss Army Knife!

The first quality multi-tool that I got was the SAK Ranger. Since then, I have used and collected many multi-tools including different models from Victorinox, Leatherman, and Gerber.

I am always amazed by how these pocket tools could do so many things so efficiently.

Being a travel enthusiast and a light packer, I have always been fascinated by travel bags, carry-on luggage, and EDC pouches.I have owned and used multiple carry-on bags and luggage of different shapes and sizes and I have become obsessed with them.

I am always on the lookout for the next best thing in travel bags and efficient packing.

Almost every week you will find me using my personal tools and gears for fixing something at home or for some DIY project.

Whenever I can get a few days off from my day job, I usually travel to a new place with my backpack or go trekking.

I write about all my experiences, both good and bad, in this blog. This is the place where I share everything that I have learned so far.

Hope you find it useful.